The spirit of 4sqDay (Happy 4sqDay 2014!)

The Foursquare Day 2010 Team behind the first Foursquare Day

The team behind the first Foursquare Day in 2010 (before it was renamed to 4sqDay).

Over the years 4sqDay has made headlines, Mayors have made proclamations, cupcakes have been baked and parties were thrown around the world. The app evolved dramatically along with the company, going from foursquare to Foursquare (capital F), opening new offices and moving to bigger ones. The catalyst for all this was the users and throughout the years the number of users of the app skyrocketed and continues to do so (for example: Foursquare added 12 million users in just 8 months last year in 2013 – a growth of 36% to 45 million and usage also blew up, going from 3.5 billion check-ins to 5 billion check-ins in the same period). 4sqDay and 4sqDay fans (and by that I mean you, yes you! Thank you!) have helped with this growth and Foursquare has certainly showed their appreciation. Throughout it all, fun was had and people checked in together on Foursquare. We here at 4sqDay HQ feel that this is the true spirit of 4sqDay. So go! Get out there, check in on Foursquare and have some fun!

Happy 4sqDay!

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    No badge this year??

  • Alisson

    I was so excited about the badge… =/
    didnt get one

  • kgro

    Wow, that’s disappointing… I guess all that cash 4SQ is making now does not give the chance to the team to bother about the folks, who made 4SQ what it is.

  • badger


  • Stephen

    Also didn’t get a badge .. I even have a yearly calendar reminder for it :

  • Walter Elly

    I’m bummed too about the badge. Dwayne wrote about this a bit on a previous post here: . But even without a badge 4sqDay is still something we can all celebrate together! Happy 4sqDay everyone!

  • andrew

    Guess 4Square must be in real financial difficulty that they couldn’t manage a badge this year. How much must it cost?

  • Dayngr

    Clearly, we all want and enjoy badges. Maybe Foursquare can take note?

    • Leonardo Passolongo


  • Marc Elliott

    Agh! No badge. Why did I even come to this year in the first place?

  • Mauxito

    I was waiting the badge and didn’t receive it! How can that be possible?

  • Cassie

    No badge :(