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Hey! You there! You reading this blog post!

I can tell by the way you are sitting and/or standing there reading this blog that you are interested in foursquare. I can also tell that you are sensitive, intellectually curious, and generally fun to be around. Really, you are great.

Most importantly, I bet you have some ideas  about how foursquare works (or doesn’t work) in everyday life. You’ve had an interesting foursquare experience that you’ve shared with your friends. Perhaps that experience took place on 4sqDay, or perhaps it was awesome serendipity. Or badge related.  But you’ve just never had the right opportunity to share it with thousands of other foursquare fans.

Well now you do. We here at 4sqDay are helping “Make every day a 4sqDay” by letting you share your stories, thoughts, ideas, pcitures, video, orginal artwork, or almost anything else about foursquare. Especially from outside the USA. We like to see what other people are doing.

Simply use this easy submission form.

And if you think you want to submit regular posts for our humble 4sqDay blog, please email nate@4sqDay.com.






Feature photo credit: Suttonhoo

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Thanks For Your Patience

Over the course of the past month or so, the 4sqDay blog has been down due to a malicious hacker. Of course, this was not the first time that we endured such a situation, but we certainly hope that it is the last time. Either way, we began the process of redesigning the site and its content back in early May, and we are proud to say that we are have come up with a new look and feel. We are excited to share this new look and beginning with you, the great foursquare community, and we hope that you are just as excited about the new look and the great content that is coming very soon!

Within the next week or so, we will continue to add some new and exciting features to the site, and many blog posts and information will be posted too. We certainly would like to get your feedback about the site, its look, and its future direction – remember that this site is for everybody, and we are anxious to explore new things and check-in to your local communities and events! Please check back for more exciting 4sqDay content, and, if you have yet to connect with us on your favorite social media sites, please do so by clicking on the [above] icons of your choice!

Again, on behalf of the 4sqDay team, I would like to extend a big thank you for your patience, continued excitement, and ongoing input! And remember to make each and every day a 4sqDay!


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Where can you find 4sqDay Online?

So many selections

We know that in addition to using foursquare users have their own personal preferences for how they connect to others and get information. Thanks to all our awesome volunteers we have 4sqDay represented on lots of networks.


Of course we have a foursquare account! Feel free to suggest tips we should leave!


Of all the ways to connect with us is the biggest social network of all. We have over 11,000 likes on our Facebook Page.


We use the Twitter account to ask questions and follow information using the hash tag #4sqDay.


Do you like to share and comment on pictures? Be sure to follow us on Instagram!


The newest place to get information is Google+! If you are a G+ user you can join the others who have circled us here. We look forward to providing unique content in the new space. And maybe – gasp – Hangouts! :)

Empire Avenue:

Come invest and engage with us on this virtual stock market! For those who are not familiar with Empire Avenue, it is a great tool to monitor your social media engagement and connect with others! Join the party!


Hey, we’re on Twitter, right? Well, we stop in on Klout and hand out a few +Ks once and a while, so feel free to do the same and be sure to +K your fellow foursquare fanatics too!


Joining us in getting more or back in shape before 4sqDay 2013? Join this fitness and work out discussion on Fitocracy.


Do you have a favorite social network or way to get information and you want foursquare day be represented? And then let us know! We are always looking for more volunteers to spread the word so if you think you your community would benefit e-mail us!

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The evolution of the “4sqDay” Name…

Over the more than 2 years since “Foursquare Day”  has been around, there has been some confusion about the best way to write it. Even among the founders, when we were first organizing the day in 2010, there was discussion about whether it should or shouldn’t be “foursquare day” or “Foursquare Day” or “4sqday” or “4SQDAY.” And so on.

In the very beginning I used “Foursquare Day” – (spelled out, capitalized). Back then, people didn’t know how foursquare itself handled the capitalization issue (lower case).  This usage is still in effect in our Facebook Page, since we can’t edit its name. (Help on this, anyone? Thanks!) However, almost immediately after that we created I created the Twitter account and, to save space, used “4sqDay.” That was then used for the website.

There’s been some discussion of whether it should be “D” or d in 4sqDay but that consensus finally was that we should use the capital to emphasize the “day” part better. 4sqday also looks a little lazier.

Now, for the sake of consistency as well as to help make a distinction between the grass-roots, volunteer, unofficial organization of 4sqDay and the official company foursquare, we recommend using “4SqDay” in all instances when you are referring to either April 16, our blog or social network accounts that we maintain. It is short and easy and makes foursquare feel a little better, understandably. Lots of people do not understand the distinction and this can help, at least a little bit.

I hope this clears up the confusion without getting all kinds of legalese up in here. :-)

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Coming soon

We apologize for the site going down a few weeks back, but we are working very hard at getting the site back up and running! Thanks again for your patience!

~ 4sqDay Team

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