We Want You – to Blog!

    Hey! You there! You reading this blog post! I can tell by the way you are sitting and/or standing there reading this blog that you are interested in foursquare. I can also tell that you are sensitive, intellectually curious, and generally fun to be around. Really, you are great. Most importantly, I bet … [Read more…]

Thanks For Your Patience

Over the course of the past month or so, the 4sqDay blog has been down due to a malicious hacker. Of course, this was not the first time that we endured such a situation, but we certainly hope that it is the last time. Either way, we began the process of redesigning the site and … [Read more…]

Where can you find 4sqDay Online?

We know that in addition to using foursquare users have their own personal preferences for how they connect to others and get information. Thanks to all our awesome volunteers we have 4sqDay represented on lots of networks. Foursquare: Of course we have a foursquare account! Feel free to suggest tips we should leave! Facebook: Of … [Read more…]

The evolution of the “4sqDay” Name…

Over the more than 2 years since “Foursquare Day”  has been around, there has been some confusion about the best way to write it. Even among the founders, when we were first organizing the day in 2010, there was discussion about whether it should or shouldn’t be “foursquare day” or “Foursquare Day” or “4sqday” or “4SQDAY.” And so on. … [Read more…]

Coming soon

We apologize for the site going down a few weeks back, but we are working very hard at getting the site back up and running! Thanks again for your patience! ~ 4sqDay Team <!– –>